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First Responders & Leadership Team

The Diligent Team is comprised of Regional Directors, General Managers, and Operations Managers who maintain close relationships with each of our customers. Each Diligent manager operates their territory carefully as though it were their own business.

The team members that successfully complete each delivery are Delivery Service Professionals that have been contracted by Diligent to uphold the integrity and professionalism that is required by our customers. Diligent empowers these Delivery Service Professionals to be “Customer Service Ambassadors”, assuring our clients that our team is representing their organization in an excellent manner.

To contact a Regional Director, General Manager or Operations Manager please fill out our online contact form or visit the Locations section of the website to obtain contact information.

Corporate Leadership Team

333 N. Sam Houston Pkwy, East
Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77060
1-888-374-3354 - main office
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Larry Browne


Darl Petty
1-888-374-3354 x1313

Tony Carter
1-888-374-3354 x1312

Scott Bruder
1-888-374-3354 x1317

Mike Miller
VP of Operations and Technology
1-888-374-3354 x1319

Jason Macias
Director of Marketing
1-888-374-3354 x1316

Brenda Soto
HR Manager
1-888-374-3354 x1338

Gina Volking
Accounting Manager
1-888-374-3354 x1304

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