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How will the recent minimum wage increase impact your comapny's profitability?

07/15/14 - Minimum Wage Increase

How will the recent wage increase impact your company's profitability?


Recently, Seattle, WA voted to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr from $9.37/hr, the highest in the U.S. This occurrence has begun taking place across the country causing a major impact on business expenses which in turn increases consumer costs. While this increase largely affects the food and service industries, this cost escalation will ultimately impact all industries.

How can you keep your business on track, on time and on budget in the evolving economic climate? In spite of the changes within our country’s economy and the expense increases expected in running your business, you still have opportunities to increase your profitability when it comes to logistics and fleet management. We are here for you--allow us to help you with any size of a logistics challenge, and let’s begin optimizing your business’ bottom line together.

Here is the delivery option to outsource your fleet:


Dedicated Fleet Services
Why hire and maintain your own fleet of trucks and drivers? By incorporating Diligent dedicated drivers, delivery vehicles, tools and labor, we have helped organizations like yours save as much as 32% in business expenses.


These savings are attributed to the elimination of:

  • Large investments in delivery vehicles and maintenance upkeep
  • Ever increasing HR/Employee challenges and benefits expenses
  • High liability risk and insurance costs associated with running your own fleet of delivery vehicles

Diligent is proud to also provide a cost-calculator as an innovative tool specifically designed to help you determine the true amount of your current private fleet expense. We take where you want to go tomorrow by saving you money today.

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