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Is Your Supply Chain Limiting Your Capacity To Grow?

“Do you wish you had a delivery solution that meets and exceeds your expectations as you grow?” “We are here for YOU!”

Celebrating Our Fathers

It’s that time of year again where we take some much deserved time to honor Fathers. Fathers are the backbone of the family, from bringing home t…

Dedicated Outsourcing Solutions

A "bottom line solution" that helps most companies save as much as 32% off of their current transportation expenses.

5 Tips For Successful Food Products Shipping

As a shipper, you need to ensure that your “reefer runs” are facilitated proficiently with the least amount of adverse occurrences. Refrigerated …

Cold Weather Impacts Fuel Prices

The U.S. diesel average rose 2.6 cents over previous weeks to $3.977 a gallon, the third straight increase that has pushed prices up more than a …

Thank You Mom

Many times mothers are taken for granted while their children are growing up.

3 Steps To Avoid Significant Rate Surges

There is an anecdote about a frog placed in boiling water. If you put it directly into boiling water, the frog has the sense to immediately jump …

24/7 Domestic Air Freight Services

Diligent offers domestic air freight services for those shipments that need an expedited timeline. When time is of the highest priority, you want…

Medical Services Insights

Knowledgeable medical equipment and supply manufacturers, as well as distributors, are learning to outsource to transportation and logistics comp…

Expansion Makes a Big Impact - Press Release

Houston, TX – 2014 marks the celebration of Diligent Delivery Systems’ 20 years of business service in Houston, TX and across the country. “The …
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