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Nationwide Dedicated Delivery Service

Maintaining and managing a private fleet of vehicles depletes sizeable amounts of company profits. This complicated and challenging process encounters a number of issues, from safety regulations and vehicle expenses to accident claims and driver turnover. Every fleet produces major vehicle expenses and employee costs which can result in excessive spending. That said, your company's financial circumstances can change without notice.

Our Dedicated Fleet Management program is an alternative to businesses who operate a private fleet, however, our results develop more perks and a greater return-on-investment.

Below are ten favorable benefits and advantages to using Diligent's Dedicated Service:

    • Reduce Transportation Cost - Eliminate vehicle payments, fuel expenses, and continuous maintenance costs and repairs. Our driver associates provide their own vehicles, tools, and labor to get the job done right.
    • Consistent Service - The same drivers are designated to operate the client's daily routes. You will have the same drivers assigned to you each day with guaranteed service each business day.
    • On-site Supervisors - Drivers are guided by local supervisors with ongoing communication between Diligent and client.
    • Flexibility Use - Add or reduce drivers as needed in the midst of operational changes or seasonality.
    • Increase Efficiency & Accuracy - Allowing logistics experts to handle your deliveries increases productivity. Optimizing a client's transportation and route options improves the delivery performance.
    • Reduce Risk and Liabilities - Reducing risk and liabilities provides our clients with piece of mind that helps them to avoid lawsuit exposure.
    • Quality Customer Service - Uniformed professional drivers are able to provide the same quality customer service duties set by the client.
    • Tracking Technology - Access to real time package tracking and delivery monitoring reports, available 24-7-365.
    • Reduce Operating Cost - Phasing out operating staff reduces payroll expenses, workers' compensation, employee benefits, taxes, overtime pay, and more.
    • Additional Revenue - Our Dedicated program can save as much as 32% on transportation expenses, allowing for extra revenue to be directed elsewhere.

Outsourcing Fleet Management solutions are extremely beneficial to companies searching for ways to eliminate, replace, or expand their fleet vehicles. Diligent's Dedicated Driver Services can be the game-changing decision that transforms how your company operates and becomes more financially profitable.


Call 888.374.3354 and ask to speak with our Dedicated Fleet Management logistics expert. Diligent Delivery Systems is ready to put our expertise and experience to work for you.



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