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Domestic Freight Shipping | 24 hour delivery


Shipping freight from point A to point B can produce delivery challenges if proper awareness is not in place.

Filtering through extensive delivery options, searching for a cost-effective shipping rate, and creating proper freight documentation to avoid shipment delays and surcharges are time-consuming functions that can disrupt operational efficiency and trip-up employee productivity.

At Diligent Delivery Systems, we empower our clients through knowledgeable and experienced staff, technology, and optimized delivery routes to overcome your organization's shipping and delivery hurdles.

From multiple carrier freight rates, expedited door to door delivery dates, shipment-tracking portals, and email confirmation notices, to booking cargo shipments from a desktop, tablet, or smart phone we have the right tools in place to effectively transport your freight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For more information on our nationwide freight services call 1-877-495-3967 or request an online freight quote.


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