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LTL Shipping Service

A Low-Cost Freight Solution

Do you know Diligent’s LTL shipping service distributes small freight shipments regionally and nationally for costs lower than most freight companies?

It's true. Diligent’s access to freight terminal centers nationwide empower our freight service to reach hundreds of cities every day with a variety of shipping and delivery dates and times from which to choose.

Typically, any freight shipment between 100 and 10,000 lbs. qualifies for LTL truckload service. However, all items must be crated or palletized (and shrink wrapped) so that our clients receive the cheapest shipping rate available.

LTL Freight Rates Are Determined By:

* Distance - Pick up and delivery destination zip codes
* Weight - The total shipment weight
* Size - Width, length, height, density
* Classification - Identification class for item, value, and liability
* Delivery Time - Options for transportation turnaround time

LTL Shipping Benefits Include:

* Regional and National Delivery Solution
* Business and Residential Delivery
* Countless Delivery Locations, Dates, and Times
* Lift Gate and Expedited Shipping Options
* Flexible and Relatively Low-Cost

Don’t waste valuable time calling other freight companies in search of the lowest freight rate. Call Diligent Delivery Systems at 877-495-3967 to receive multiple need-specific, low-cost freight quotes and start shipping with us in minutes.


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