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05/02/14 - Medical Equipment Parts and Supplies

Delivering supply chain solutions that aid in improving quality patient care.


25% off your next shipment of medical supplies and equipment.

Knowledgeable medical equipment and supply manufacturers, as well as distributors, are learning to outsource to transportation and logistics companies as a means to continue to meet business demands; while at the same time, minimizing costs, and maximizing customer/patient service and time management. The end result equates to a continuance of thriving medical services, quality patient care, and relevancy in changing times.

When it comes to medical services, time is of essence and lives hang in the balance. This is why Diligent Delivery Systems is well-equipped and committed to facilitating on-time delivery services that meet your needs. Our service team provides solutions that fulfill all your delivery needs; from lab and specimen deliveries, to critical documents, technical equipment, and diagnostic images, etc. Diligent is here for you!

In today’s ‘fast-paced’ world, Diligent Delivery Systems provides direct pickup and delivery services 24/7/365! We guarantee to provide our customers with strategies and tools to consolidate services, optimize delivery efficiencies, and keep them under budget through custom courier solutions that work.

Take our  savings offer and test drive Diligent’s capacity to:

  • Provide scheduled and on-demand emergency, STAT, and routine deliveries.
  • Reduce costs and improve delivery services using route optimization and trained couriers.
  • Provide supply chain information through technology.
  • Manage the entire logistics component of your organization.

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