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Freight Distribution

Enhance Your Distribution

Keeping shelves stocked with merchandise is an essential function to any retail business.

While merchandise varies from one retailer to another, gaining the support a premier logistics and transportation partner like Diligent Delivery Systems can enhance your distribution strategy by delivering your products to as many outlets as possible, making them available to consumers in common and remote areas nationwide.  

From medical equipment suppliers and part distributors to furniture retailers and industrial product wholesalers, Diligent transports virtually any commodity using ground shipping and air freight methods. Our focus is not only on your products, but to provide optimum service and make your customers happy.

At Diligent, we are known for reducing transportation expenses without lowering the quality of service. Our operational strategies, economical freight rates, productive driver associates, and fast shipping options accomplish the tasks our clients aim to resolve year around.

Call 877-495-3967 to speak with our sales staff today and learn more on how we can customize logistics and transportation solutions for your operation.


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