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Hot Shot Express Delivery | Heavy and Lightweight Shipping


Heavy and Lightweight Shipments

Whether you need a heavy-haul shipment transported North to South and East to West of the country or a lightweight parcel delivered across town ASAP, Diligent Delivery Systems offers a range of Hot Shot Express Services to fit your urgent needs.

Our full suite of vehicle options accommodate approximately every type of shipment possible. We operate non-stop around the clock to make certain that your expedited shipments arrive secure and on time.

Every shipment order is systematically tracked with frequent status updates and delivery confirmation is provided to you once your package reaches its desired target.


Hot Shot Express Services include:

  • Hot Shot - 2 hours or less
  • Special - 3 hours
  • Same Day - 4 to 5 hours
  • Next Day - delivered the following day
  • Time Specific - requires exact time of delivery
  • Expedited Truck Loads - team transportation
  • Daily Scheduled Services

Service Areas: 

  • Heavy shipment pick-up and delivery available nationwide
  • Small parcel pick-up and delivery available in select ZIP codes  

Call 1-877-495-3967 to book your Hot Shot Express shipment or to find out how we can assist you. Click on the link here and request a free quote instantly.



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