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Diligent Delivery Systems provides a full range of custom packing and crating solutions for businesses and residential clients throughout Austin, Texas metropolitan area.

Our packaging experts can pick up, pack, and crate your goods to any specifications and also administer shipping and delivery to any destination across the United States.

Diligent's custom packing and crating solutions provide the strength and durability that you seek but more importantly the stability to secure your sensitive, fragile, and high value goods.

From art paintings to heavy machinery, our special material handling professionals have the capability to build customized solutions to meet your requirements and a multitude of business to business needs.   

Diligent's Custom Packing and Crating Service Options Include:

Crating Services

  • Custom Crates
  • Custom Shipping Containers
  • Custom Dimension Configurations (height, weight, and size)
  • Small and Medium Lightweight Products
  • Large and Heavy Oversized Products

Packing Services

  • Custom Packaging
  • Interior Cushioning
  • Special Care Handling
  • White Glove Delivery 

Palletizing Services

  • Custom Pallets and Skids
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Pallet Cleaning

Commercial and Residential Clients Who Benefit Include:

  • Art Galleries
  • Paintings and Sculptures
  • Antique Shops
  • Memorabilia Retailers and Collectors
  • Toy Distributors
  • Relocation Office Moves
  • Furniture Manufactures
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Commercial Machinery
  • Unique Goods



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