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Dedicated Driver / Outsourced Fleet Management

Fleet Replacement, Support, or Expansion


24 Hour Shipping & Delivery Service • 365 Days a Year

Between operating costs, monthly vehicle payments, fuel prices, expense of workers' wages, and continuous maintenance costs, maintaining your own in house fleet puts a huge dent in your profit margin. By outsourcing your business delivery program to Diligent Delivery Systems, you can save as much as 32% of your transportation budget. Allowing you to divert your finances to improve other core activities, specialty services, or products.


Create a Custom Delivery Schedule

Our clients regularly say that partnering with Diligent Delivery Systems is the best delivery decision they have ever made. Whether you are running a small business delivering packages on-demand, or a Fortune 500 company delivering tens of thousands of products on a scheduled route, our dedicated experts customize the best fleet solutions for your organization's need, right now and as your business grows.

Diligent Delivery Systems, is a fleet management company that is guaranteed to meet your local and regional delivery needs. We provide exceptional customized delivery outsourcing services for delivery operations nationwide.

Your Total Delivery Solution

When partnering with Diligent Delivery Systems Dedicated Driver / Outsourced Fleet Management Service, you will be able to support, expand, or replace your current fleet delivery vehicles. Say goodbye to the headaches of canceling or rerouting schedules, due to sick employees and broke down vehicle lifecycle costs. Diligent provides professional delivery driver associates, well-maintained delivery vehicle replacementsindustry tools, reliable communication devices, and well trained labor to ensure that your packages arrive safely, on time, every time.

Diligents' dedicated fleet service program is assured to optimize your delivery operation, and provide you with the delivery drivers you require for every working day. While we are busy advancing your deliveries, you can redirect attention to the most important aspects of your core business. Review the cost savings in outsourcing your fleet operation by testing our dedicated service cost calculator.

Dedicated Driver Benefits:

  • Daily Routes
  • Recurring Deliveries
  • Drivers Can Be Added or Subtracted
  • 100% Guaranteed Daily Delivery
  • Improves Delivery Efficiency
  • Optimized Fleet Management
  • Cost Effective Delivery Solutions
  • Various Types of Vehicle Options
  • Save as much as 32% of Transportation Expenses

Outsourced Fleet Management Services Eliminate:

  • Monthly Vehicle Payments / Replacement Cycles
  • Preventative Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Insurance Premiums, Accident Claims, and Payouts
  • Driver Safety Training Expenses
  • Driver Absentees and Turnovers
  • Overtime Pay
  • Vacation Time / Home Time
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Unemployment Wages
  • Employee Benefits
  • Payroll & Taxes
  • And more...

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