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Ensuring patient safety is the top priority of the Diligent Delivery Systems STAT Medical courier services team. Time-sensitive materials require the utmost diligence and care to ensure that everything arrives quickly and in pristine condition. STAT courier professionals have excellent communication skills and are trained in transporting urgent medical materials, including tissue samples, specimens, blood work, medications and medical supplies and devices.

Diligent's STAT medical delivery services demand strict adherence to federal, state, and client specific guidelines. Our robust risk management and compliance group supports every delivery. Specimens are transported in appropriate equipment, such as multi-compartment coolers for ambient, chilled or frozen samples. From the pickup point to the processing facility, material integrity is managed and monitored by a 24 hour care center with scanning and tracking devices that provide real-time reports. This complete chain of custody provides the quality healthcare delivery services that you seek.

Our Healthcare logistics solutions include the following basic requirements to be administrated for all clients:

  • Drug Testing
  • Background Checks
  • Safety Attire
  • Special Equipment

Diligent Delivery Systems STAT Medical Delivery Service Options Include Six Health Care Industries:

Hospital and Health Care Delivery Solutions

Diligent’s Hospital and Health Care Division is capable of meeting all the courier needs for hospital systems. This dynamic industry requires a solution that is flexible, scalable, and transparent to satisfy the extended supply chain. Our Hospital Solutions logistics experts work directly with health care facilities to quickly and safely transport specimens and blood samples.

Clinics and Diagnostic Laboratory Delivery Solutions

Diligent’s Clinic and Laboratory Solutions works directly with private practices, outpatient centers, patient service centers (PSC) and laboratory processing centers to coordinate inbound and outbound specimens that are time-sensitive and have life-critical results. Every client has access to real-time online tools to help manage this process.

Life Science Logistics Delivery Solutions

Bioscience companies provide life-saving products to the global community. Product launches and sample fulfillments must comply with strict regulations because they introduce risks that far outweigh the typical supply chain investment. Diligent Delivery Systems offers full-service courier solutions for this market, which include shipment tracking and tracing, item level serialization, cold chain flexibility and direct distribution to ensure compliance with government agencies.

Pharmacy and Wholesale Drug Distribution

Diligent’s Pharmacy Solutions coordinate all logistics and regulatory needs for the pharmacy and wholesale drug distribution segment. Drivers integrate seamlessly into your supply chains to become an extension of the pharmacy to the customer. Our logistics consultants are experts in regulatory requirements, including chain of custody procedures, transporting temperature-controlled goods using appropriate equipment and tracking proof of delivery electronically or manually.

Medical Devices and Equipment Delivery Solutions

Diligent Delivery Systems is the logical partner for the diverse medical device industry. Experienced couriers deliver medical equipment from client facilities to local hospitals, doctor offices, and clinics. Our complete logistics solutions span routine replenishment of medical goods to placing critical surgical kits directly into hospital operating rooms.

Home Health Care Delivery Solutions

The Diligent Home Health Care Delivery Solutions bridges the critical gap between medical providers and home bound patients living with chronic diseases or elderly patients who are unable to drive. Our logistics services include providing setup and removal of medical equipment and offering diagnosis support and treatment with compassion.

Your Total Delivery Solution

Diligent Delivery Systems employs a comprehensive delivery solution that supports the demanding requirements of the medical industry. Our complete suite of healthcare transportation services operates efficiently by combining knowledgeable logistics experts, industry-leading technology and strict adherence to high-quality standards. You can integrate these systems directly into your supply chain operations, or we can work alongside your medical delivery staff.

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